Connect your team
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Regular check-ins with your team improves trust, engagement and mental well-being. Celebrate and recognize teammates work to build a more team-focused culture.

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Founders Live Presentation

Our founder, Alan, pitched dotplan at Founders Live Fukuoka.

Team Transparency

Your team members create daily goals and check-ins to let everyone on their team know what they are working on and what they have achieved.


Promote Mental Wellbeing

dotplan is designed to help improve the mental wellbeing of your team and improve company culture.

Reduce Anxiety and Loneliness

By sharing daily check-ins with each other and taking part in group questions, you can improve the feeling of closeness with your team.

Feel Valuable

Recognizing and sharing your daily achievements helps you feel a valuable part of a team and improves motivation.

Team Empathy

With team check-ins and group questions, you can get to know your teammates better, helping to improve company culture.

Great Team Collaboration

dotplan can help your team stay on track and, improve productivity and collaboration between team-members.

Management View

Giving managers a birds-eye view of your team's progress helps you spot problems early and identify areas for improvement.

Improve Productivity

Employees can easily keep track of and organise what they need to work on next.

Encourage Collaboration

By being aware of what others are working on, team members can seek out opportunities for collaboration.

Increase Motivation

Celebrating small wins with your team and receiving encouragement and comments helps increase employee motivation.

Connecting Team

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